Frequently Asked Questions

New website design is in progress. Thank you for your patience. While we continue working on something beautiful, edifying, and informative, you can follow our daily life on our Facebook page. Here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions.

What is the name of the church?
The name of the church is Trinity Episcopal Church. We used to be known as Spirit of Hope. Now, we are a mission community of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan. Though this is a congregation of The Episcopal Church, one does not need to be Episcopalian to worship, volunteer, or participate in our common life. You can read a statement about the name change and our new future here.

When is worship?
Sunday Worship services have resumed in the Church with the Proclamation of the Word of God and the Celebration of the Holy Communion  at 10:30 am. On Tuesday evenings, there is a Bible Study at 6:30 pm.

How can I get in contact with church staff?
You can call the church office at 313-964-3113. You can email us here.

When are free public meals served?
We partner with several organizations and congregations, in an ecumenical and collaborative spirit to feed those who are hungry in our neighborhood. Lunch is served every Wednesday and every Saturday from 12pm-1pm. Additionally, on the 1st and last Tuesday of every month, there is an additional lunch from 12pm-1pm. There are occasional pop-up dinners, and you can find more about those on our Facebook page.

When is the Food Pantry open?
The Food Pantry runs on Thursdays, and visitors may arrive at 12:30 pm to receive a numbered ticket. Distribution begins at 2:30 pm and runs until 3:30 pm. Individuals and families may come no more than twice in one month and valid State Identification (e.g. Drivers’ License) is required.

When is the clothing closet open?
The clothing closet is open during the hours mentioned above when the dining hall is open to visitors for lunch and food pantry distribution.

Where is the church located?
The church is located at 1519 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Detroit, MI 48208.

Who is the new pastor?
The Reverend Anthony Estes is a newly-ordained Priest in The Episcopal Church and is the Missioner of Trinity Episcopal Church, formerly known as Spirit of Hope.